Case Results

$2.5 Million case involving a truck vs. motorcycle accident.

Obtained Confidential 7-figure ($X,000,000.00) (X=above 1) Settlement, in a multi-defendant case involving over-serving of alcohol.

Court Approved Settlement of $550,000, structure at cost (Sacramento County, CA), in workers’ compensation case with disputed 100% disability from incomplete C-6 parasthesia of 34 year- old woman. Case arose from vehicle roll-over when plaintiff fell asleep at the wheel on the way to work. Third party case against vehicle manufacturer was settled separately for $350,000.

Obtained $500,000.00 , for policy limits in head-on auto collision.

Won $800,000 Court Approved Settlement, in a Wrongful Death case involving a vehicle vs. pedestrian.

Won $275,000, in a freeway sideswipe collision case in which the plaintiff’s neck injuries resulted in recommendation for surgery.

Won $320,000, in a multi-defendant but single auto vs. motorcycle accident in construction zone, evidence indicated that plaintiff on a motorcycle had been drinking alcohol. (Construction company was sued for faulty traffic plan).

Obtained $450,000, for a passenger in an automobile collision whose leg injury required a Titanium rod.

Doe v. National Delivery Franchise Settlement of $250,000, defendant business van vs. motorcycle collision case causing a severe fracture to the tibial plateau. Hotly disputed liability case where plaintiff made decent medical recovery but required occasional use of a cane.

Obtained $250,000 in a motorcycle product liability case which left client with wrist deformity after handlebar malfunction. Disputed liability.

Obtained $250,000, in a fire injury case with injuries of smoke inhalation and some scarring. Hotly Disputed Liability and Extent of Damages.

Obtained $300,000.00 for walking off a ledge at a dumpsite that had no safety markings.

Doe v. Local Hospital District Settlement of $220,000 (Riverside County, CA) in Medical Malpractice case against a hospital and doctor for negligently injecting my client with improper radiographic dye that caused renal failure. Client went through three months of rehabilitation, and then returned home where the permanent effects appeared negligible. Diagnosed with severe depression after incident, but did not seek treatment.

Settlement of $200,000 in a rear-end UnderInsured Motorist collision causing Concussion/Mild TBI.

Arbitration Award of $177,000 for a rear end auto accident with disputed damages.

Won $150,000 in an ice slip and fall premises case against a commercial property, with concussion injuries leading to alleged cognitive deficit. Disputed liability and damages.

Won $150,000 against a home nurse care company. The 89-year old client experienced a fracture while bathing that confined her to a wheelchair. Disputed liability and damages.

Obtained $150,000 in a motorcycle product liability case in which a freeway malfunction caused a fractured arm requiring a titanium rod. Disputed liability.

Mediated Settlement of $137,500 in health insurance coverage dispute for three elderly physicians from another country who traveled to Portland to visit family and purchased travel insurance for their trip. All three had heart problems while in Portland within a few months of their arrival and underwent various medical procedures. Coverage was denied on basis of pre-existing condition and coincidence of purchasing coverage and all requiring similar procedures at virtually the same time.

Settlement allowed for satisfaction of all bills

Policy Limits Court Approved Settlement $100,000 in a dog bite of chid case which left facial scarring.

Doe v. Public Entity Settlement of $60,000 (Sacramento County,CA) in a Health insurance coverage dispute, wherein client was told she had medical insurance coverage by public entity who then denied coverage on basis of employment status after surgery for lung cancer.Recovered more than total value for all medical treatment.

Obtained $250,000.00 in National Delivery Truck versus Pick Up Truck Sideswipe on Highway case.

Arbitration Award of $177,000 for a rear end auto accident with disputed damages.

Unanimous Jury Verdict of $15,000 (Alameda County, CA) for low impact soft tissue auto accident involving whiplash injuries.