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According to statistics from the Oregon Motor Vehicle Traffic Crashes Report, there were 38,141 total traffic crashes statewide in 2020, causing 27,998 injuries and 507 deaths. Losing a family member to the negligence or wrongful act of another person can be difficult and unsettling. Thankfully, you may be eligible to seek fair compensation for your sudden loss through a wrongful death claim. 

At Injury Lawyer PDX, LLC, I intend to provide assistance and comfort you during such a difficult period. With more than 28 years of extensive experience, I have the practice, knowledge, and resources to guide and represent clients in their wrongful death cases. As a seasoned Oregon personal injury attorney, I will fight compassionately for your legal rights and help you pursue rightful financial compensation for your untimely loss. 

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Why File a Wrongful Death Claim? 

Wrongful death is a legal concept that applies in personal injury cases where a person dies as a result of another person's negligence or wrongful actions. According to Oregon law, a wrongful death action may be brought when a person's death is caused by the accidental or intentional act of another person. 

Although, there isn’t a number of monetary compensation that is enough to bring a dead person back. Nonetheless, filing a wrongful death claim can help the surviving loved ones achieve the following: 

Seek Financial Compensation: Filing a wrongful death claim could possibly provide a much-needed financial boost for the surviving family members to cover lost wages, burial or funeral expenses, loss of consortium, and any outstanding medical bills. 

Seek Justice for Survivors: In addition, filing a wrongful death claim can be a way for the surviving family members of the deceased person to seek justice for their unexpected loss or loved one's death. 

Serve as Deterrence: By filing a wrongful death action, the decedent's survivors can hold the responsible party liable and prevent such an unfortunate event from happening to other people or families. 

Determining Wrongful Death in Oregon 

Under Oregon law – Oregon Revised Statutes Section 30.020 – a "wrongful death" constitute any death that is "caused by the wrongful act or omission of another person." 

In order to initiate a wrongful death claim in Oregon, the claimant must prove that: 

  • The at-fault party owed a legal duty of care to the deceased person. 

  • There was a breach of duty of care. 

  • A death occurred. 

  • The defendant's negligent or wrongful actions caused the victim's death. 

  • The surviving family members suffered actual damages as a result of the death. 

A skilled attorney can evaluate every detail of your case, help prove fault and establish liability, and determine who can file the wrongful death claims. 

Who Can File a Wrongful Death Claim in Oregon?  

Under Oregon law, only the personal representative or executor of the decedent's estate may be allowed to file the wrongful death claim. 

Statute of Limitations – Time Limit for Filing 

According to the Oregon personal injury statute of limitations, an action for wrongful death must be commenced within three years from the date of the victim's final injury or death. 

Possible Damages 

The following damages may be recovered by filing a wrongful death claim in Oregon: 

  • Medical expenses related to the deceased person's final injury or illness

  • Funeral and burial expenses 

  • Lost wages and benefits the decedent would have earned 

  • Lost care, advice, society, companionship, and counsel

  • Pain and suffering experienced by the decedent between the injury and death  

  • Other necessary expenses due to the victim's final injury, illness, and death

A wise Oregon wrongful death attorney can help file your wrongful death claims and pursue fair financial compensation for your loss and other potential damages. 

How a Skilled Personal Injury Attorney Can Help 

The unforeseen death of a family member can be an overwhelming and emotional experience. Such a loss can affect you mentally, financially, and emotionally. However, you don't have to suffer the pain and financial challenges alone. Therefore, if you believe that someone else's negligent or wrongful actions might have caused your loved one's sudden death, you need to act quickly and retain a skilled personal injury attorney to protect your legal rights and for proper guidance. 

At Injury Lawyer PDX, LLC, I'm committed to offering outstanding legal services and advocating for the best interests of clients in their wrongful death cases. As your attorney, I can investigate every aspect of your unique situation and help file your wrongful death action. Using my extensive knowledge, I will fight compassionately for your best interests, hold the responsible party liable, and help seek the maximum possible compensation and wrongful death benefits you deserve. 

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If you have lost a family member, spouse, parent, or child to another person's negligent actions, you may recover damages. Contact me at Injury Lawyer PDX, LLC today to organize a case evaluation. I have the clear legal guidance and compassion you need in your wrongful death claims. My firm proudly serves clients across Portland, Oregon, and surrounding areas throughout Clackamas, Lincoln, Washington, Marion, Tillamook, and Multnomah counties.